Sunday, February 3, 2013

Alarm Clock Myth - How to wake up early

Everyone wants to wake up early, and make good use of those extra early morning hours. But we fail all the time, even if we succeed, its one-off times.

I thought its a good opportunity to seize and fix this problem with the existing alarm clocks. I started exploring the existing solutions out there and found there are quite many interesting stuff:

  • A whole breed of biologically sync'd clocks who wake you up when you are least in sleep
  • Hard to snooze alarm clocks which ask you to solve a difficult puzzle to snooze an annoying alarm tone
  • Motivational messages to wake you up

I gave all the existing products a lot of thought and why they don't quite work. Here is my conclusion:
People don't really understand the real purpose of alarm clocks. 
Here's the deal: Alarm clocks are not meant to wake you up. Yes, you read it right.

Alarm clocks really are the mission-control, last resort plan to wake you up at the deadline time.
You are supposed to get up on your own, through your own magical body clock. How many times have this happened that you woke up half an hour before you were supposed to, you looked up your clock, and went back to sleep? If you answer is: ''Every Effing Morning'', then you sir are a victim of Alarm Clock Myth.

So, i followed the following regime:

  1. Set my normal alarm clock to a time which is the drop-dead time i must get up at, which in my case is 6:30 AM.
  2. As soon as I open my eyes in the morning to grab the clock to see the time, instead i just get up and turn off the alarm proactively. Believe me, you don't really need those extra minutes to sleep, you are fine to start the day.
  3. If I did't get up on my own, the alarm clock would alarm me at the deadline time which is 6:30 AM at which time I get up.
This has worked out for me beautifully and i am in my best body clock schedule. Alarm clocks don't irritate me every morning, instead I beat them every morning.

It takes some time to get into this regime, but believe me its more amazing to get up on your own than getting woken up by an annoying alarm clock.

Cheers, Happy Mornings!